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We take eyewear seriously. Our shelves are stocked with a diverse range of frames and lenses to suit every style. You’re always welcome to drop by and browse our comprehensive selection. Our experienced opticians are passionate about helping you find the perfect pair and will work with you until you’re satisfied.

Remember, routine eye exams help us keep your prescription up-to-date. Schedule your appointment today, and see what our team has to offer.

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On-Site Lens Lab for Your Convenience

At Conroy Optometric Centre, we value your time and convenience. That’s why we have an on-site lens lab, allowing us to craft most single-vision lenses quickly, so you can enjoy your new glasses sooner. Experience personalized service and speedy results with our in-house lens edging, offering same-day availability for many models.

Eyewear Options Tailored Just for You

Our team of approachable opticians is dedicated to providing eyewear options tailored to your unique needs. Learn about the extensive selection of lenses that we offer.

Single-vision lenses are perfect if you have a prescription with 1 lens power. They provide clear vision options for nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic individuals.

For those who require assistance with both distance and close-up vision, bifocal lenses are an excellent choice. They offer 2 distinct viewing areas in a single lens.

Progressive lenses offer seamless transitions between different focal points, making them an ideal choice for those with presbyopia. They eliminate the visible lines associated with bifocals.

If you have specific tasks that demand precise vision, like computer work, our opticians can customize occupational lenses to meet your needs.

Our lens options don’t stop there. We also offer a range of coatings to enhance your visual experience.

Protect your lenses from everyday wear and tear, scratch-resistant lenses offer long-lasting clarity.

Add a touch of personalization to your eyewear with colour-tinted lenses. They can help reduce glare and enhance contrast. We can also provide blue blocking treatments to your lenses for reduced exposure to blue light from your computer, tablet, and phone.

Minimize reflections and glare for improved visual comfort with anti-glare lenses, especially when driving at night or using digital screens.

Discover Stylish Designer Eyewear

Our dedicated opticians are here to help you find the perfect frames that enhance your vision and reflect your individuality. Whether you’re a trendsetter looking for the latest fashion-forward frames or someone who prefers timeless classics, we have options to help you feel confident and stylish.

Feel free to explore our collection, try on different styles, and discover the look that brings you joy. We’re not just about eyewear; we’re about helping you express your best self through your frames. 

Enhance Your Game with Safety Eyewear

Whether you’re on the field, at work, or pursuing your hobbies, we have you covered. Our safety eyewear and sports goggles offer protection and enhance your vision, helping you perform at your best while keeping your eyes safe. Don’t compromise on clarity or safety—visit our store and explore your options today.

Step Into Style, Today

Discover eyewear that makes your eyes happy. Visit us to explore our fashionable frames and book an eye exam for an updated prescription. Our enthusiastic opticians are eager to assist you in finding the perfect look and vision solution. Your journey to style and clarity begins here. 

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Our Brands

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BOSS combines clean lines, modern shapes, and imaginative detail to create original eyewear fashion. Fresh convention meets classic style architecture in our eyeglass and sunglass collections.

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Carolina Herrera

Find incredibly stylish sunglasses from Carolina Herrera. Sleek frames and demure lenses protect your eyes from the sun while showing off your effortless style. The look garners impact without going over the top.

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Etnia Barcelona

Independent brand of eyewear from Spain that has created a wide range of colors and designs for everyone who wants to express themselves: Impersonality kills.

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Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion and luxury field. Eclectic, romantic, and contemporary, Gucci is now taking a completely modern approach to what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century.

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Hoya provides a full range of proprietary lens materials, advanced designs for virtually every sight correction requirement, and superior scratch and anti-reflection coatings using Hoya's world-renowned Substrate Matching Properties™ processes.

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Kate Spade

Kate Spade's eyewear collection features eyeglasses and sunglasses that are flirty and feminine, frames in classic styles and modern shapes with striking prints and bold color palettes. These designs will impress any fashionista.

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For men and women who understand the connection between who they are and how they're perceived. Because style is about much more than just a look, it is an opportunity to make a statement.

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Since its inception, lool has recognized itself as a multidisciplinary design studio where different profiles collaborate with a common goal. Once we meet our goal of creating the best screwless hinge, we focus on designing and producing creative frames that are functional and lightweight.

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From a quiet classroom to rugged play on the school playground, Nano eyewear can handle it with style. These brightly colored and durable kids sunglasses have the ability to switch from hinged arms to attaching to a head band. Perfect for your on-the-go adventurer.

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"Strong looks for nifty people"
NIFTIES Eyewear is designed to fit adults with fine facial features perfectly. Available in sizes 44-49, the NIFTIES collection has an international look, with flattering shapes and trendy colors. Each frame has very flexible temples and nifty details, such as the signature stripes on the temples that make NIFTIES stand out in the crowd.

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When it comes to the best camera lenses, everyone knows the Nikon name. The same technology, highest-quality materials, and years of proven optical design experience have also produced Nikon’s premium, high-performance eyeglass lenses.

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Silhouette is the leading manufacturer of high-quality eyewear, with a strong focus on rimless design—a celebrated leader with a unique commitment to design and to manufacture sophisticated eyewear.

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ZEISS provides a broad performance spectrum in each lens category to best serve individual consumer needs.  Individualized premium ZEISS freeform lenses provide the highest degree of customization in lens design and the optimal visual experience.

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Our Brands

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